“How to Crack the Referral Code So You Can Attract a Never-Ending Stream of Clients Who Will Pay More, Stay Longer, and Help Grow Your Business!”

If You Want to Attract More Clients Who Are Actually Your Ideal Clients and Enjoy Greater Profits, You Need to Make Referrals Your
#1 Lead Source

Discover How to Attract the Exact Clients You Want to Train by Understanding and Implementing the Unique Strategies and Systems That Will Automatically Cause Your Current Clients to Start Sending You New Business!


I’ve always been amazed that smart fitness professionals allowed themselves to be persuaded to focus their marketing on Craigslist ads, Lead Boxes, and other lead-generation strategies that produced the exact kind of prospects they didn’t want in their business—if they produced any at all.

It’s really marketing foolishness.

No one would go to a fast-food restaurant and expect to get a prime cut of mouthwatering filet Mignon, but that’s exactly the same logic these fitness professionals are using when they’re trying to attract their ideal, high-quality clients with strategies that only bring in bottom feeders.

Devoting Time, Energy, and Money to Attracting Poor
Prospects—Instead of Focusing on Attracting Your Ideal Clients

So if you’re serious about generating a never-ending flood of new clients who are exactly the people you want to train, you’ll want to read every single word of this message.

What we’ve done is shifted our focus to finding the exact clients you want to train. The people who are committed to getting results and being compliant with the program and guidance you provide them. The people who are willing to pay well for the service that you provide them. The same people who will refer you to their friends and become walking billboards for your business.

And after coaching thousands of fitness professionals just like you to business success, we’ve dialed in the secret formula—the Fitness Referral Formula—that will make getting a steady stream of high quality referrals virtually automatic.

Getting Referrals Is About Knowing Exactly Who You Want to Bring into Your Business and Empowering Your Clients to Help You Attract Them

It seems simple, but far too many fitness professionals either miss out on this entirely and allow themselves to fall into the trap of chasing after low quality prospects who will never be the clients they want in their business, or they appreciate the importance of referrals but don’t have the systems in place to have the success they deserve.

Missing out on referrals and settling for low-quality leads is like stepping over dollars to pick up pennies; it just shouldn’t happen.

But before you start generating referrals, you must understand how referrals really work. It’s a far more intricate process than simply bribing your clients to sell for you—the referral approach that most businesses try and fail with.

So what we’ve done is save you the frustration, hassle, and wasted time and money that you’d spend trying to piece together your own approach to generating referrals—or even worse, settling for low quality prospects—and we’ve compiled the definitive resource for helping you get the exact clients you want through referrals with…

Fitness Referral Formula


Fitness Referral Formula will give you the understanding of the psychology of referrals and the proven systems to generating a flood of high-quality referrals for your business.

When you take action and purchase Fitness Referral Formula, you’ll be able to transform your income and your business.

No more chasing any and every person hoping they’re a passable prospect for your business. And no more settling for mediocre clients who you don’t enjoy training.

You’ll have a toolbox of Proven Referral Systems that will turn your entire client base into the marketing engine for your business.

Here’s Just SOME of What You’ll Discover:

  • The TRUTH About Referral Marketing
    Most fitness professionals have zero understanding of what referral marketing is and what drives it. You’ll discover the truth about getting referrals and how easy referral marketing can be.
  • How To Get Even The “Referral Resistant” To Send You Business
    Everyone has those clients who are unwilling to refer. You’ll learn 3 Proven Systems that will get them sending you new business almost instantly.
  • The 3 Types Of Referral Systems
    Most fitness pros are lucky to have even one of these types of systems in place, but you’ll be armed with all three to keep the referrals coming 365 days per year.
  • The “Backdoor” System For Referral Generation
    How you can consistently get referrals without ever asking for referrals—not 1 in 100 trainers know this approach.
  • The #1 Formula For Generating Referrals
    It’s at the core of every Referral System you’ll learn, and if you get this right, referral success is yours!
  • Top-Secret “Referral Triggers” to Maximize Your Results
    Get more quality clients than you ever thought possible with these unique strategies.

How Much Is It Worth to You to Acquire the Secrets to Attracting a Never Ending Stream of Clients Who Will Pay More, Stay Longer and Help Grow Your Business?

When you consider what one new “solid” client is worth to your business, gaining access to Over a Dozen Proven Referral-Getting Systems that could potentially drive hundreds of new clients to you should easily be worth a thousand dollars or more to your business.

But we’re not going to ask you to invest a thousand dollars—or even several hundred dollars—for Fitness Referral Formula.


You can get Fitness Referral Formula today for just $99.95.

I understand that this is an online, downloadable product. Nothing physical will be shipped.


Sure, you could keep chasing “bottom feeder” prospects or keep hoping that new business will walk in your door, but wouldn’t it be smarter, easier, and more rewarding to put the systems in place that will bring you the clients you want NOW?

And to make it even easier for you to get started…

100% Money Back Guarantee!

We’re so sure that you’ll be thrilled with the results you get once you’ve implemented the systems in Fitness Referral Formula that you can try it out for a full 365 days.

If after going through Fitness Referral Formula you don’t feel like this is exactly the approach you need to grow your business, send us an email and let us know for a no-questions-asked refund.

You have two choices: To start attracting the exact clients you want into your business, have more fun training, and start enjoying the income you deserve; or to join the average fitness professionals out there settling for chasing mediocre prospects who lead to an ordinary (at best) business.

Isn’t it obvious which choice you’d rather have? Isn’t it plain which clients you want? Isn’t it clear that you want a referral-driven business?

Don’t settle for another day of chasing low quality leads; be one of the select few Fitness Professionals who build their ideal business through referrals beginning TODAY.

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I understand that this is an online, downloadable product. Nothing physical will be shipped.


Dedicated to Your Success,


Pat Rigsby


P.S. Referrals are the #1 way to get your Ideal Clients, and Fitness Referral Formula is the #1 system to help you make that happen. If you want the only exact blueprint that will start getting you those Ideal Clients—and you want it 100% guaranteed to succeed—get Fitness Referral Formula now.

Today Only $99.95

I understand that this is an online, downloadable product. Nothing physical will be shipped.